You can’t spell “Mercury is in retrograde” without “me”

Everyone annoys me. My friends, peers, coworkers, my boyfriend. In the last week, everyone has been out of control. And I’ve been trying to figure out what the h*ck is going on. But the only thing everyone has in common is that Mercury is in retrograde until March 10. Then today I realized: Wait… everyoneContinue reading “You can’t spell “Mercury is in retrograde” without “me””

‘I love this face, I hope this face does well’

Wednesday marked three years since the day my boyfriend and I met. We don’t have an exact day that we started dating –– we’re really just wingin’ it over here guys –– so I consider the day we met to be our anniversary. The days leading up to the day we met pretty accurately depictedContinue reading “‘I love this face, I hope this face does well’”

Have your dreams and be here, too

Let’s talk about dreams! Y’all got dreams? I’m a pisces so I’m essentially always dreaming: coming up with random life dreams, day dreaming, actually dreaming. But after one of my most recent dreams, I had a revelation and said some seriously profound shit: “Sometimes our dreams help us appreciate our reality.” And as much asContinue reading “Have your dreams and be here, too”