A letter to my body

I always promise to love you one daywhen you’re small enoughor strongor made of more muscle than fat Every day I hold youthank youfor all the places we goand thenI squeeze poke prodhate youin the same breath that praised youseconds before i don’t know that you’ll everbe enoughto eradicate my ever-growing need toshrink you why can’t youContinue reading “A letter to my body”

A letter to my mind

Why can’t you love me for whoI amInstead of who you wantme to be Will carrying yourdaily stressand surviving without the nutrientsI needever be enough All I want is to behealthy strongTo carry us to the highest mountainsand swim through the deepest seas Will you please show me around the worldtry new foods in Rome and new drugsin IbizaI promise toContinue reading “A letter to my mind”

An Artist’s Limerick

In a horrible,terrible,cruel twist of fateit appears I am bound to be happy. I am not a shrew,curmudgeon,or ingrate,but this news has me feeling quite bratty. You see I’ve built a lifebased on struggleand strife.I constructed these wallson my own. Now, hammer in hand, I see lines in the sand*from my past selvesthat I haveoutgrown.Continue reading “An Artist’s Limerick”


I believe in true lovein midnight snacksin indulging until our tummies bloatand we fall asleep, full of love and chocolateentangled in each other I believe in sleeping naked, skin-to-skinI want to feel your heartbeat and pressmy cold feet against your warmth I believe that wicked dreamskeep me up at nightbecause my brain is afraid to bealone in theContinue reading “12:34”

‘Okay, not everyone wants to hear about your positiveness.’

In today’s episode, Jacklyn ponders the power of positive thought with @Poslifee. Follow along as they talk about the power of thought and the importance of discipline in pursuing our daily and long-term goals.  Transcript: Jacklyn – Welcome to another episode of All Who Podcast, I’m Jacklyn and today we’re pondering the power of positiveContinue reading “‘Okay, not everyone wants to hear about your positiveness.’”

5/5 Ponder This

“Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands. They just don’t.”  Elle Woods said it, she meant it, and she might be right. Endorphins are essentially naturally occurring opioids (so the body reacts to our endorphins similarly to how it reacts to drugs like oxycontin, vicodin, and morphine),Continue reading “5/5 Ponder This”

Am I crying over Kimye?

Fables and fairytales have painted the story of love pretty much since love has existed.  We idealize matches made in heaven and storybook fantasies of the perfect partner showing up, sweeping us off our feet, and falling-in-love-at-first-sight. So in an era where finding romance often means swiping right on moderately attractive singles in your areaContinue reading “Am I crying over Kimye?”

Just because it’s Taurus season doesn’t mean you have to be so stubborn

Sometimes I’m wrong. Not all of the time. But some of the time. And when I am wrong, boy am I wrong.  But in the moment when I’m actively being wrong I never know it. Zach and I are both what I can only describe as people aggressively seeking more. More information, more communication, moreContinue reading “Just because it’s Taurus season doesn’t mean you have to be so stubborn”