Question your perspectives.

Ponder the imponderable.

Learning to try and D.I.Y.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but 2021 isn’t going to be that much different than 2020. Don’t believe me? Are you […]

It’s a rich man’s world

Money. Can’t find a man with it, can’t live without it. (That was a joke. If you know me, you know my man has money.) […]

I put the ‘meta’ in ‘metacognition’

Focusing on mental health has rarely been more difficult or more important for me than this week. There have been more difficult times, more triggering […]

Too close

November 4, 2020. The day after Election Day. I continue to insist that I’m not anxious about the election, yet I was drawn to write […]

What is authenticity?

In today’s episode of All Who Podcast, we ponder authenticity. Follow along –– and take some time to reflect –– as we discuss why authenticity is so […]


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