March 24 Ponder This

I must’ve been too busy braiding Grace’s and my hair together during Government class and missed the lesson on D.C. because holy moly have I been misinformed.

Did you know DC isn’t part of any state? It’s run by Congress.

There’s a local government and mayor (who seems DOPE) which make decisions regarding D.C. schools, housing, healthcare, recreation, literally all of the things involved in running a state. But everything from D.C.’s local budgets (that are independently – NOT federally – funded) to the use of tax funds to calling on the National Guard is controlled by Congress.

Now, this would be cool and all, except for the fact that D.C. doesn’t have any representation in Congress! 

So D.C. runs itself as a state but has little to no control over what happens with its tax dollars, budgets and local legislature, courts, or the National Guard.

And making D.C. a state isn’t even unconstitutional! 

The Constitution simply states that the capital can’t be larger than 10 square miles, and proposed D.C. state maps include a 2-mile radius (to be called “the National Capital Service Area”) which allows all federal buildings to continue operating separately from the state. This way, the areas where people live could be a state, allowing adequate (and LEGAL) representation in Congress.

I could get into the fact that 92% of D.C. voters voted for Biden in 2020… but there’s already a lot to unpack here. 

Check out these sources* if you’re interested in learning more about the wild, historical, racial implications of D.C. statehood:

*Some of these may be paywalled. If you can’t access an article and would like to read it, DM me on Instagram –– we’ll talk.

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