Nevertheless She Persisted: Revised

She persisted

When her first love

was taken by the tide

too soon to be understood by her fragile young mind.

She persisted

When the ache in her heart

overgrew its space inside

and started to physically eat her alive.

She persisted

As adults

would constantly deride

her dreams, because theirs had already died.

She persisted

Through the loneliness

that accompanies the replies

of yet another man who refuses to try.

She persisted

In the waiting

room refusing to cry

abiding results that will change her whole life.

She persisted

After another opportunity

passed by

and was offered to a man who has never been denied.

She persisted

Through their silence

as their judgements were amplified

when their eyes glimpsed the bruises in between her thighs.

She persisted

When he left

and she eagerly testified

because she truly believed that this would be the last time.

She persisted

While you beat her

and controlled her

with your lies.

But now it’s your turn

to see the fire in her eyes

as rather than persisting,

she decides to thrive.

This poem was inspired by the women in my life who have decided to take back control of their lives despite any people, or circumstances, telling them they couldn’t. You are seen and you are loved in all of your brokenness, and you are appreciated. Thank you for your strength and perseverance.

If you or anyone you know are in danger or in need of help, please reach out. or call 800.656.4673

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