I believe in true lovein midnight snacksin indulging until our tummies bloatand we fall asleep, full of love and chocolateentangled in each other I believe in sleeping naked, skin-to-skinI want to feel your heartbeat and pressmy cold feet against your warmth I believe that wicked dreamskeep me up at nightbecause my brain is afraid to bealone in theContinue reading “12:34”

The sweet sound of commercialized affection

It’s been a while! (and it’s gonna be a while longer) This week I have a banging’ playlist for you in light of the most trivial holiday in the world that is nearly upon us. Keep checking my IG stories for Black History Month facts and dope content from Black creators. New podcasts (and posts)Continue reading “The sweet sound of commercialized affection”


Isolation’s effects sit heavy on my chest, generalizing strangers and vilifying friends, sending me into a depressive state spiraling signaling virtues that never extend past advocacy. Stagnant social media activism offers the same bitter aftertaste as the injustices it supposedly opposes and when nothing improves aside from the number of humanitarian hashtags we bask inContinue reading “humanhumanehumanity”

Nevertheless She Persisted: Revised

— This poem was inspired by the women in my life who have decided to take back control of their lives despite any people, or circumstances, telling them they couldn’t. You are seen and you are loved in all of your brokenness, and you are appreciated. Thank you for your strength and perseverance. If youContinue reading “Nevertheless She Persisted: Revised”