I am anxious,

I am weak,

some days feel eternally bleak.

My boyfriend does

the best he can

but he is just a man,

he can’t change

the weather, or the news,

he can’t help if I hit snooze

and sleep through

another day

(they all feel the same anyway).

I’m stagnant,

I’m getting mean,

my house won’t stay clean.

Neither will my laundry,

or my dishes.

If I were granted three wishes

I would wish for

no more sickness,

though I understand the strictness

of the policies,

the rules

stay at home, don’t go to school.

I would wish

for one more day

so I could see my friend and say

I love you,

please don’t go away,

please stay

another day.

I don’t want to see you later,


I don’t want to

say goodbye,

or fly

to see you one last time.

So I guess,

I digress,

And maybe quarantine is for the best.

Not for safety or for money,

and I know it isn’t funny.

But it keeps you

close to me,

(a 10-hour drive and at least six feet).

So until you

cross the seas

I’ll wait to cash in wish number three.

And I’ll save that wish

long after quarantine,

to wish for you to come back to me.

Photo by Milan Popovic on Unsplash

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