Keep dreaming

Do you ever take a moment to take a step back

and think about how life can steer you off track?

Because the person I am as I sit here and write

would be unrecognizable to the person who tried

to write songs and live life, the person who would fight

for any and all of the things that were right.

That person fell apart, she was just too naive.

She was a person who truly believed

in the power of stars and the moon and her dreams.

But it isn’t fun and it isn’t cute

when you lose touch with the things that make you, you.

Don’t you want to do the things you always wanted to do?

Why not? What changed? Who are you turning into?

Because you’re acting kind of funny –

and I know you need the money –

but when did you stop caring about things like art?

And music, and the universe? Where is your heart?

It used to be here, right smack dab in your chest,

keeping you grounded because your brain couldn’t rest.

It was up in the clouds, chasing dreams, visions, skies.

Maybe your brain had already realized

that this was probably one of the last times

that it would be able to go and roam outside

the confining corners of your ever-shrinking mind.

Because you’re grown up, now

and you should be proud.

You navigated life and learned all about

this big, big world. And you didn’t fuss or pout.

You sat up, you shut up, and you figured it out.

But take a step back and look at your life.

Really look at your struggles, your qualms, and your strife.

If you’re anything like me,

or who I always wanted to be,

I bet that when you take a step back you’ll see

that your days aren’t actually as bad as they seem.

Then maybe you’ll find

that giving gratitude a try

will help break down the walls you took a decade to fortify

when really all you wanted was to be preoccupied.

From the day to day, and going to work

because sitting in an office drives you berserk.

Your existence isn’t about making a profit,

and maybe it’s time you actually dropped that.

Stop dreading the future or living in the past

and start living your days as they pass by so fast.

Tell your friends you love them, go out and dance.

So you could die happy if today was your last.

Photo by William Bayreuther on Unsplash

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