Feb. 18 Prompt

Finally! It’s time for our first Prompted!! 

I’ll be sharing my journals for the first few prompts for a little inspo (and to push myself out of my comfort zone a bit).

I wanted to start with these prompts because, if you’re anything like me, discussing the things you like about yourself might be awkward. Especially on a bad day, or a sluggish day, or an unproductive day, it can be uncomfortable to look in the mirror (or sit down with a journal) and call out all the positive peculiarities that make you, you. But even on our worst days, our redeeming qualities are always there to lay our heavy heads on. 

The second half of this prompt (which you’ll notice I answered first — I’m a ‘bad news first’ kind of gal) challenges us to envision our future self and work on becoming that person today. I really want to be the kind of person who can just chill out and go with the flow, and if I keep spending every day being uptight I’ll never get there. But when I’m intentional about my actions (and my reactions) I can start creating space for the calm, collected person I’m striving to become.

Honestly, I’ve journaled this prompt three different times, in three different headspaces, and come up with three different positive self-descriptions and goals to pursue. And that’s dope. Each time I come to this prompt, I close my journal feeling happier with myself and more motivated to pursue my potential.

I hope any reflections this prompt provokes leave you feeling the same.

So get to journaling, and feel free to save this post for a rainy day and let me know which traits you love about yourself and what you’re working toward in the comments!

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