3/31 Prompt

When planning for my future, even as a kid, I don’t think I ever considered the type of person I would be. 

I imagined the type of house I’d live in, where I’d end up, what career path I would choose. Never who I’d be or how I’d live my life. 

Now that I actually think about who I’m becoming, I realize I need to wash my face more and think less about my weight. So, like, why not start now? 

It sounds so corny but it’s literally the easiest thing to add something (simple) to your daily schedule. I started waking up a little earlier to do yoga every morning and it’s dope and has completely changed how I go about my days.

Sometimes all you need is a little something new in your schedule and a little something to work toward in the long run.

What does your future self do? And what could you start doing right now to get a little bit closer to the person you hope to become?

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