A letter to my body

I always promise to love you 
one day
when you’re small enough
or strong
or made of more muscle 
than fat

Every day I hold you
thank you
for all the places we go
and then
I squeeze poke prod
hate you
in the same breath that praised you
seconds before

i don’t know that you’ll ever
be enough
to eradicate my ever-growing need to
shrink you

why can’t you just fit into the shape
I want
why cant you just 
stop changing

all you do 
is grow 
in all 

-your mind

4 thoughts on “A letter to my body

  1. Damn girl! This one got me good. Your body is perfect in every way no matter what shape or size it is because like you said It’s the only way you could be alive and do incredible things! It is literally a sack of meat there is no reason to take it so seriously or be mean to it I love you!!!!!


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