Covid can’t stop us from being ‘crazy for Christmas’

In today’s episode, join Jacklyn and her first guest, Alexa, as they ponder being away from home for the holidays. Stick around to learn how to embrace Christmas (or your holiday of choice) during Covid, and to hear some wholesome sister banter. Intro & outro song: “Christmas Wrapping” The Waitresses Transcription: Alexa– That’s fine, IContinue reading “Covid can’t stop us from being ‘crazy for Christmas’”

Gratitude removes the platitude from your attitude

In today’s episode of All Who Podcast, we ponder gratitude. Stick around to hear about Jacklyn’s qualms with Thanksgiving, and why we should make gratitude a daily practice. Links mentioned in today’s episode: New York Times piece on the origins of Thanksgiving The Happiness Lab, with Dr. Laurie Santos (On Apple Podcasts this is SeasonContinue reading “Gratitude removes the platitude from your attitude”

I put the ‘meta’ in ‘metacognition’

Focusing on mental health has rarely been more difficult or more important for me than this week. There have been more difficult times, more triggering times, more serious and heavier times. But something about this election really left me feeling so drained, so anxious, so out of control, so depleted of hope for the futureContinue reading “I put the ‘meta’ in ‘metacognition’”

What is authenticity?

In today’s episode of All Who Podcast, we ponder authenticity. Follow along –– and take some time to reflect –– as we discuss why authenticity is so important, and how we can truly embrace our most authentic selves. Transcript: Hello. Howdy. Welcome to All Who Podcast. I am Jacklyn I am roughly 22 years old, I runContinue reading “What is authenticity?”