I believe in true love
in midnight snacks
in indulging until our tummies bloat
and we fall asleep, full of love and chocolate
entangled in each other

I believe in sleeping 
naked, skin-to-skin
I want to feel your 
heartbeat and press
my cold feet against your warmth

I believe that wicked dreams
keep me up at night
because my brain is afraid to be
in the dark

I believe my dreams
are worst
when you lie with your back
toward me
I need you closer

I believe in skipping work
to stay in bed
with you
enveloped in love
and dizzy morning kisses

I believe in chasing dreams
in omens and fairytales
I know a magic 
that permeates common sense
and changes the soul

I believe in soulmates
in destiny, in fighting 
for love that is
pure mania
and has, at times, drenched our hearts in despair

I believe there are lessons
in pain
but there are lessons
in love, too
I believe we need both to show us what is real 

I believe in wishing 
at 12:34 
and on eyelashes
for you and me
to be happily together, forever


Featured image by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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