An Artist’s Limerick

In a horrible,
cruel twist of fate
it appears I am bound
to be happy.

I am not a shrew,
or ingrate,
but this news has me feeling
quite bratty.

You see I’ve built a life
based on struggle
and strife.
I constructed these walls
on my own.

Now, hammer in hand,
I see lines in the sand*
from my past selves
that I have

I know very well
I have stories to tell,
but I thought
all good art
comes from pain.

Now I look in the mirror
and I see much clearer
that joy
makes good art
just the same.

*Writer’s Note

Where you once drew a line, you now live your life. Your past perspectives were once your present. Never allow what you “know” stop you from being more.

Featured image by Luca Upper on Unsplash

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